Hot off the presses!

The Rotary Club of St. Charles


    August 21, 2008



President Chris called meeting to order and Dale Poslosky led club in Pledge of Allegiance.  John Lundin provided the invocation.


Visiting Rotarians: Kathleen & Dees from Boone County Iowa


Guests: Kelly Dulle (returning member) and Kevin Pierce, prospective new member from State Farm Insurance


MakeUps: Gerry Bamberger in Chesterfield, Ashlee Johnson in St. Peters


AnnouncementsPlan to attend an offsite meeting at the Lindenwood Center for Perfoming Arts on September 25.


Sgt@Arms:  John Lundin was celebrating his kid's anniversary and the arrival of the Uganda Children's choir.  Terry Brown was celebrating his daughter's birthday and announced that Ray Klingensmith would be the Rotary International President in a couple of years and he was the guy who installed Terry as District Governor.


Dees announced that his wife's birthday was today and he was happy about the welcome he and his wife felt from his fellow Rotarians.


Rick Boyle paid for all birthdays!  Dave Wallace has an 86 year old female client who came to him with 25% lung function.  After his chiropractic care, she how has 80% lung function!!  Wow!


Basil paid to leave early.  Nadine was happy about Fraser selling 7 pieces of art to some Clayton attorneys who were also sponsoring an open house for him during the Clayton Art Fair.

Chris Goellner paid because he was happy about getting his son off to college.  Bob Julien is officially a "half homemaker" as he is now fully retired.  Tim Lohmar traveled to Kohler, WI and played golf at Whistling Straights where he managed to find all 1200 sand traps!


Terry Rohen was recuperating from shoulder surgery.  Jill Kluesner was traveling she purchased a travel pass.  Connie McDonald was happy that her mom, fellow Rotarian Elaine Bastl, was nominated for the DOVE award.

Mike Sommer was celebrating his 5000 days anniversary, this in an attempt to beat Bill Mullins historic anniversary.


Deborah Alessi had to leave early.  Mike Elam was advertising the Businessmen's Prayer Breakfast as he is now a member of their board.  He also paid an opportunity dollar since he has a fundraiser for Sports Crusaders with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Mike pitched in another dollar because he was happy to see Kelly Dulle again.  Kelly added 3 more happy dollars to the pot.


Tammy Mudd got Christopher off to school.  When he called the next day she knew it was because he missed her, only to have her "dream" interrupted with the age old request -  can you send a check?!


Roy Kohrs paid so we wouldn't forget about him.  Luanne Cundiff paid an information dollar to let us know that her husband had his wallet, along with his keys. stolen from the O'Fallon YMCA and within a few hours had $6000 charged to his credit card.  Happy ending:  they found the suspects.  Jack Milburn was happy to be at the meeting (again!) 



 Program:  Today was a networking day along with club assembly.  Rick Boyle gave us a brief insight into himself, focusing more on the new Lindenwood Center for Performing Arts.

RAH (Rotary After Hours) will be held the second Tuesday of each month starting in September at 5:30 p.m. at Grappa Grill.  This will be a social, networking and attendance makeup sort of meeting.  Stop by for some after hours fun!


50/50 - Progressive pot was at $78.  Someone won $10.